Monday, March 21, 2011

Th3 First POST

I'm gonna  start with japan remember they said there was gonna be a nuke!! So that means everybody in that city is basically gonna die Yes,Yes and almost everybody is trying to get the hell out of there! And some how everyday when something happens in another country we all ways ended up helping them a lot. Like really almost everybody asks for money for Japan, I'm not saying not to help! But i think we should really help the people in japan. Ohhh Yea 2012 i'm starting to think all of that is real now cause look at all these things that have happened to the whole world. So this is about it im done im getting pretty tired i was bored the whole day at school now i just wanna go to sleep.Leave some comments good or bad dont really care but leave comments about what you think about 2012 and japan.